The camp

Mckenzie river lodge provides full amenities for its guests:

  • Two cozy cabins for up to 3 guests each equipped with a slow burning stove, complete bathroom with hot water and shower, a refrigerator, table and chairs. Bedding and toweling are also provided.
  • One staff cabin
  • A main lodge with kitchen, dining room and a living room where you can relax, enjoy a drink and discuss your day on the water.
  • A yurt used as a social area to play cards, tie flies, enjoy a drink or cigar and watch the sun go down over Andre Lake while the loons sing.
  • Electricity is provided by a  wind and solar system. We have a diesel generator back up.
  • A satellite phone is available for emergencies.
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The camp

Located is on Andre lake at the head of the Mckenzie river. Made up of 3 cabins and a main lodge, the camp is strategically located to give access to 3 rivers. The Mckenzie, Quartzite and Comeback.Installation of solar panels and wind power is planned for 2016.

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 The Cabins

Each cabins host up to a maximum of 3 guests to insure ample space and comfort. They are equipped with a wood burning stove, table and chairs, refrigerator , 3 beds with sheets, pillows, fleece blankets and comforter. Each cabin has a private bathroom with shower, towelling is provided.

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The Lodge

After a great day on the water, it is here that guests and staff gather to share one of G’s great meals over a glass of wine. It’s also the time to share stories, adventures or pictures of the trophies caught and released during the day. Every morning after a hearty breakfast, the guides will discuss the daily program and another adventure begins.