Fishing stuff

Note: The McKenzie is a relatively new fishery. We’re sure this list will expand or change as more people fish the river and try new flies and methods

Rods : A 7- weight fly rod will handle most fishing situations and all species. However, Available species include Whitefish to 6 lbs, Brook Trout to 8 lbs, Landlocked Salmon to 16 plus lbs, Northern Pike to 20 plus lbs and Lake trout to 30 plus lbs. We recommendYou bring several rods according to the species you are targeting. As a rule of thumb, a 6 & 7 weight rod will cover brook trout and whitefish and 7, 8 & 9 will cover Landlocked Salmon, Pike and Lake Trout. Bring at least one spare rod.

Reels : Large arbor, medium to heavy duty reels with a good quality disc drag and 100 plus yards of backing are required.

Lines : Floating lines are used most frequently. Have with you an intermediate sink tip for high water and deeper pools and rapid sink tip for Lake trout. Bring a spare line and backing.

Leaders :  Maxima Chameleon with an 8 – 10 lbs test tippet, is a favored materiel when prospecting waters that might produce a mix of species. For dry fly fishing specifically to brook trout and whitefish, scale down to 6 -4 lbs. tippets of more subtle materiel. Leaders of 7 ½ – 9 feet in length are fine. For Pike or large lake Trout you will need heavier leaders and a shock tippet of fluorocarbon, wire or Kevlar.

Leader materiel, tippets, backing and nippers are available at the Lodge.


Clothing and accessories

Waders : Chest waders are recommended. Stocking foot waders with a good quality wading shoe or brogue will provide better support, comfort and mobility than boot-footed waders. Good quality Gore-Tex waders with a polar fleece pant will keep you dry and comfortable. Felt Soles are an absolute must! Screw in carbide studs, a wading staff and belt are highly recommended.

Carbide studs are available at the Lodge.

Clothing : Your clothing list should include: long underwear (polypropylene and or polar fleece for wearing under waders), wool socks, warm shirts, Patagonia style pullover or hooded sweat shirt, good quality wind and water proof wading jacket, hat with visor, warm gloves.

Be prepared for a broad range of temperatures (45 – 80 degrees F). It is best to dress in layers.

Accessories : Bug repellent, sun cream, lip balm, vest, clippers, leader materiel, split shot or lead weight, polarized sun glasses, dry fly floatant, forceps, pocket knife, flashlight and a small waterproof pack or bag for carrying personal gear, camera, clothing  etc.

Be sure to bring any and all personal medications you will need.

Please try to keep your luggage weight to 55 lbs. Soft sided luggage is appreciated.