Brook Trout Fishing

Mckenzie River Lodge is home to prime Brook Trout waters. These beautifully coloured char can be voracious predators, and provide a great challange to even seasoned anglers. But why are Brook Trout here so special? Read on to learn more.



Brook Trout thrive in the cool, well-oxygenated waters of the Quartzite, the Comeback, and the McKenzie Rivers. Some are often found beneath undercut banks, where they can find shade and protection from predators. Others prefer deep pools and fast-moving riffles. Labrador offers a unique ecosystem that truly helps these fish reach massive proportions. 

Size & Diet



Brook Trout here can range anywhere from 3 to 10 lbs! What’s the cause of this growth? Brook trout here are offered more meal options than they can choose from, and they have adapted to take full advantage. Sculpins, minnows, and mice are on the menu. In June and July, massive hatches of mayflies, stoneflies, and caddis allow these fish to gorge on high-protein snacks. 


Flies and Equiptment



You should have a good range of classic dry flies, nymphs, wet flys and streamers to target these brook trout. Caddis & Mayfly dries like an Elk Hair Caddis or a Parachute Adams will get it done on the surface. Pheasant tails, Hares Ears, and Copper Johns are effective nymphs. Sculpins, Wooly Buggers and Intruders will work well if you want to entice a predatory eat. 

As far as fly rods, a 5 to 6 wt. and an appropriately sized reel is perfect for targeting Brook Trout in Labrador. 

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