Lake Trout

Present in the river early in the season, Lake Trout are apex predators that will voraciously ambush most meals presented to them. 



In Labrador, Lake Trout can be found in both rivers and lakes. Early in the season, Lake Trout can be targetted in the river using large streamers. Later in the summer, they move to the lakes where they can find deep cold water. 

Size & Diet

Typically, Lake Trout in Labrador range from around 15″-20″ but fish pushing 30″ and 40 lbs are not uncommon. This is due to a high protein diet of young smolt. 


Flies and Equiptment

When the Lake Trout are present in the river, they are willing to take many of the same patterns as the trout. Once they move to deeper water in the lakes, large flashy streamers on heavy sink tips are effective. 

As far as fly rods, an 8 wt. and an appropriately sized reel is recommended.

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