Landlocked Salmon

Mckenzie River Lodge is also located on prime waters that Landlocked Salmon call home. In Labrador, we refer to these fish by their native name, Ouananiche.




Contrary to their North American counterparts, Ouananiche are usually found in the rivers surrounding Mckenzie River Lodge.

Our rivers provide cool, rich oxygenated waters with rocky bottoms and and structure for cover. 

Size & Diet


The main difference between Landlocked Salmon and their sea-run cousins is their diet. Ouananiche feed very similarly to Trout, consuming a diet of many of the aquatic insects and forage you are probably familiar with. In the rivers surrounding Mckenzie River Lodge, Landlocked Salmon ranging from 7-8 lbs are not uncommon. 


Flies and Equiptment

Small baitfish streamers, caddis and stonefly nymphs are productive here. Dry fly patterns like an elk hair caddis or a royal wulff can produce eats off the top as well. 

As far as fly rods, a 5 to 7 wt. and an appropriately sized reel is recommended.

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