Labrador encompasses some of the most spectacular fishing destinations in the world, attracting anglers from far and wide. With its expansive network of rivers, lakes, and coastal areas, this untamed wilderness offers an abundance of fishing opportunities. Whether you’re drawn to the challenge of reeling in massive trophy fish or simply seeking a serene escape in nature, the Great North has it all. In this blog, we explore the distinct regions of the Great North and the unique fish species that inhabit them.

Brook Trout

Labrador is home to a majestic species of fish known as the Brook Trout. These vibrant and elusive creatures thrive in the pristine lakes and rivers of the region, adding to its rich natural heritage. With its beautifully mottled body, adorned with intricate patterns of red, yellow, and green, the Brook Trout is a sight to behold. It is highly adaptable and can survive in a variety of freshwater habitats, from fast-flowing streams to tranquil mountain lakes.

Anglers are drawn to the challenge of catching these wily trout, as they possess incredible agility and a voracious appetite. The Great North’s cold and oxygen-rich waters provide the perfect conditions for the Brook Trout to grow to impressive sizes, rewarding anglers with a thrilling fight and a bountiful catch. 


Landlocked Salmon

Landlocked salmon, also known as ouananiche, thrives in the pristine waters of the Great North of Canada. This unique species of salmon is a prized catch for anglers and a testament to the region’s remarkable biodiversity. Unlike their anadromous counterparts, landlocked salmon spend their entire lives in freshwater lakes, making their home in remote and secluded areas of Canada’s wilderness.

With its shimmering silver body, speckled with vibrant hues of pink and green, the landlocked salmon is a stunning sight to behold. It possesses impressive strength and agility, making it a challenging and exciting catch for fishing enthusiasts. The Great North’s crystal-clear lakes, teeming with small fish and insects, provide an abundant food source for these magnificent creatures. Whether it’s the thrill of the chase or the delicate art of fly fishing, the landlocked salmon offers a unique and exhilarating angling experience in the untamed beauty of Canada’s northern wilderness.

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Northern Pike

When it comes to fishing in the great north, Northern Pike is one of the most sought-after species. Anglers from all over North America flock to the lakes and rivers in search of these formidable predators. Known for their aggressive strikes and powerful fights, catching a trophy-sized Northern Pike is an exhilarating experience that will leave you hooked.

To increase your chances of catching these impressive fish, it’s important to know where they like to hide. Look for areas with plenty of salmon or lake trout as Northern Pike often feed on them. Rocky shorelines and weedy bays are also popular spots as they offer protection and ambush opportunities for these voracious predators. Additionally, deeper water tends to hold larger fish, so try targeting areas with depths ranging from 10 to 20 feet.

Keep in mind that pike have sharp teeth, so using a steel leader is essential to prevent them from cutting through your line.

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Lake Trout

Reeling in a lake trout is like diving into the depths of an underwater world, where the thrill of deep-water fishing awaits. Lake trout are known for their preference for cold water and can be found in the deep waters of the Great North’s lakes. As predatory fish, they have an impressive size and strength that makes them a popular catch among anglers.

Lake trout are often referred to as the ‘record fish’ due to their ability to grow to massive sizes. In fact, they hold the record for being one of the largest freshwater game fish ever caught in North America. Their average weight ranges from 10 to 40 pounds, but some have been known to exceed 50 pounds. This makes reeling in a lake trout not only an exciting challenge but also a potential bragging right among fishing enthusiasts.

One unique aspect of catching lake trout is their habitat on the lake floor. They tend to stay close to rocky structures and drop-offs, which require anglers to venture out into deeper waters. This adds another layer of adventure and skill when it comes to targeting these elusive fish. Whether you’re casting your line from a boat or standing onshore, be prepared for a thrilling experience as you try your luck at landing one of these magnificent creatures from the depths below.

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One type of whitefish commonly found in the Great North is the whitefish. This bony fish can be found in various lakes, including Lake Andre, where it thrives in its cold waters. Known for its mild and delicate flavor, the lake whitefish is a prized game fish that attracts anglers from all over.

Whether you’re staying at a fishing lodge or simply exploring on your own, targeting whitefish can provide an enjoyable and rewarding fishing experience. These versatile fish can be caught using various techniques such as jigging or trolling. Once you’ve successfully reeled one in, you’ll have a tasty addition to your meal plan. Whether pan-fried with some herbs and lemon or smoked to perfection, whitefish offers endless possibilities when it comes to creating mouthwatering dishes that showcase the flavors of the Great North’s pristine waters.

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